Review: Lador LPP Hair Treatment

Hello, friends! Did you think I spent all of my vacation on, well, vacation? Why of course not! I spent it stealing my mother-in-law’s beauty products.


I’ve heard a lot of hype around this stuff, and while my hair is short and untreated right now (and hence doing fine on its own), who doesn’t love a good deep conditioner? NO ONE, that’s who. I spent the week deep conditioning my hair with this every time I showered, as well as badgering my husband and MIL for their thoughts on it as well. We came to three very important conclusions:


  1. It is orange. It is day-glo f’ing orange. Why is it orange? I mean, we all LIKED that it was orange. But wow, is it orange. Damn.
  2. It’s a good deep conditioner that doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy, heavy, or weighed-down b u t–
  3. It’s not significantly better than any other deep conditioner the three of us have ever tried.

I feel like there’s an important caveat to be made here, which is that all three of us currently have non-colored, non-treated hair that’s no longer than a foot. That foot belongs my husband, who has the shaved-sides man-bun thing going on. I have a pixie cut, and so does my MIL. Consequently, none of us are dealing with dry hair, damaged hair, split ends, etc. This conditioner isn’t really made for us. We’re not the target market, and I suspect this has much more dramatic effects for people dealing with any of the above problems.


So in a lot of ways this is a pretty useless commentary! but hey, if YOU’RE not the target market, maybe this will be helpful?


And if not, it’s still orange as hell and you should probably still buy it as a present for lots of people, just so they can freak out in the shower and then call you later and you can laugh about it.



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