Review: Nature Republic Real Nature Bamboo Mask

Trying to get this thing cooking again! If you follow me on Instagram (and I am assuming most of you do), you’ll know that I post reviews, updates, and photos at least daily…and yet my blog sits here all withered and alone. Going to try cross-posting my IG posts (which are quite long for IG anyway) and see what happens.

Anyway, here’s the first one – A review I wrote for Skin18’s 1 to 100 program!


This review is a bit late, as I used this mask IMMEDIATELY after I received it from @skin18com_usa. This the Nature Republic Real Nature Bamboo Mask, which I had actually already tried on my vacation! I didn’t post a review, though, because I only had it on for 15 minutes before we had to go somewhere. This time I was actually able to lie down and experience the mask.


So why should you put Bamboo extract on your skin? It’s actually because Bamboo is one of the richest sources of silica in the botanical world. Silica is an essential mineral that aids in collagen production, so more silica = more collagen = better skin! This is why it’s often listed as an anti-aging compound; increased collagen production helps to replace the collagen that we naturally lose as we age. It’s also great for hydrating your skin, and for helping to balance out your skin’s natural moisture absorption.


The mask itself is a thin cellulose sheet which comes soaked in essence. Normally I’m very careful, but this sheet did tear a little while I was putting it on. The good news is that the mask was soaked enough that it didn’t matter, and it stayed in place anyway. There was a light alcohol smell when I opened the package, but it quickly went away. The mask lasted about 25-30 minutes in an air-conditioned room. My skin soaked up all the essence quickly and easily.


In terms of botanical ingredients, the mask essence contains only bamboo essence and grapefruit extract. There is a tackiness to the essence as it dries, which to me is the only difference between these masks and the Innisfree It’s Real Mask series. It also dries more matte, whereas the Innisfree series often dries with a dewy look.
Overall, this is a good everyday mask that provides a great shot of moisture. I’d give it a 4 bamboo shoots out of 5 only because of the tackiness and stickiness after it dries. I would still probably repurchase to keep around as a good “quick” mask when I don’t have time for a full beauty routine. Thank you to @skin18com_usa for letting me review this mask! I’m looking forward trying more products through the 1 to 100 program.


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