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Review: Lovemore Bitter Gourd Purifying Mask

Alright, for real this time. I’m going to mirror my Instagram reviews here (which are set up as tiny blog posts as it is). For real. I’m gonna. Look at me go. *sips coffee*



The Lovemore line. I sometimes wonder if these are really all they’re cracked up to be, and then I use one and remember that for a $2 mask, they’re pretty damn lovely (get it? GET IT?? I know. Thank you. I’ll be here all week.)

This is the Lovemore Bitter Gourd Purifying Mask Sheet, and it’s probably my favorite from the line. I know that’s a big claim, but hear me out–the first three ingredients in this mask are Momordica charantia (the “bitter gourd” of the title), Willow Bark extract (a solid acne fighter) and Paeonia albiflora which is good for…skin conditioning? I’m still working on that one. But Bitter Gourd and Willow Bark is a great start…even if I can’t remember if Taiwan labels ingredients in order of magnitude, and so this might all be worth nothing.

REGARDLESS. Good stuff, and the rest of the ingredients pass muster as well. I also love their 2-part mask backings – so much easier to remove the thin, soaked masks that Taiwanese beauty has become famous for. The fit left a bit to be desired on me (I have a tiny face) but it’s probably better for everyone else.

This mask was just…it’s just lovely. It gave me that perfect cooling sensation, just on the edge of tingling, but not even remotely irritating. The scent is very faint, but smells so…clean? IDK, you guys. This one just DELIVERS for me. Not all the Lovemore masks have worked for me, but this one really does.

Oh, and pretend I have a witty ending line here, because I don’t. I’m still drinking my coffee. Give a girl a break once and a while.


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