Skincare Blue is run by Ciana M., a trained historical archaeologist, paleoethnobotanist, and palynologist (try saying those three times fast!). In other words, she loves history, archaeology, plants, pollen, nerding out about said plants and pollen, and working in labs to discover more about them.

Ciana also has Lyme disease, specifically stage 3 Nueropathic Lyme. She was diagnosed after suffering for 5 years with untreated Lyme disease, which affected and continues to affect her entire body. Her entry into the world of Asian skincare came after her skin suddenly decided that not only would it break out incessantly for six months, it would no longer tolerate any Western makeup or skincare whatsoever.

After finding relief (and clear skin!) through the more holistic approach of Asian skincare, she’s never turned back and continues to be fascinated not only by the chemical and botanical ingredients in many skincare products, but by the innovative approaches and new formulations thought up by all the talented cosmetic chemists in Asia.

Besides nerding out, she enjoys making jewelry, hanging with her cats, K-Pop bands, and scouring thrift stores for weird and wonderful items. She also occasionally works as a creative for Leah’s Recipe, and recommends that you click this link immediately because Leah makes the best damn truffles she’s ever had in her life.

She updates this site infrequently, but can be found pretty much every day on Instagram, (seriously), where she posts news, pictures, daily reviews, hauls, and everything else from the world of Asian skincare.